Montgomery County, Ohio

Real Estate Mobile Application

The Situation

The Auditor serves as the counties chief fiscal officer, chief assessor, and sealer of all weights and measures.  As fiscal officer, the auditor is responsible for maintaining county financial records issuing warrants for payment of county obligations.  As assessor, the auditor is charged with determining property values for taxing purposes and transferring real property deeds.

The easiest way to access the information on a given property is to access the website. The Auditors page has over 153,000 views per day and more than 61 million per year, making it the most accessed web page on Montgomery County’s website.  This demand led to finding a solution to put the information more readily available in the user’s hands.


The Solution

The MAPSYS Mobile Application Development Team scheduled a meeting with Karl Keith and his staff to assess the needs of the Montgomery County Auditors office.  After a discussion of potential solutions, the desired result was a mobile app that would be easy to access by most mobile devices.  MAPSYS evaluated the existing website and created a common service library tailored for each individual device to better access the information. We then develop the apps for each device type and deployed them to their respective market places.


The Results

The Montgomery County Auditor’s office and MAPSYS have successfully implemented and released the mobile application in Google Play, Apple Store, and Windows Marketplace.  MCRealestate is available for download on smartphones and various tablets including the Samsung Galaxy and the Apple iPad.

Users now have a native app to run on their device to quickly access property information, parcel details and tax relief information.  This app makes it easy for end users, no links to navigate with a more intuitive experience.  Karl Keith, Montgomery County Auditor, believes that MCRealEstate will appeal to individual property owners, realtors, attorneys, insurance agents and law enforcement. He went further to say this app will prove useful to anyone wanting to buy or sell property in the county.                  


“I am very pleasedwith MAPSYS and their team, I had expectations for our mobile app and making the information easier to access to our customer base.  This has been the case, I am very happy with the results.”

– Karl Keith

Montgomery County Auditor


“This app has opened the doors to our ongoing commitment to make government more accessible through new innovation and technology.”

– Karl Keith

Montgomery County Auditor

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