Notes Domino App Dev

Domino today has the flexibility – and uses the same familiar programming languages – as mainstream full-stack web applications. However, Domino’s time-to-value is much faster, its security more robust, and deployment and maintenance are far less cumbersome. From old-school Lotus Notes apps to today’s Progressive Web Apps, customers trust our 24 years’ experience in Domino Designer.

Expertise On Call

Expert Services
  • Custom design & coding
  • Troubleshooting
  • Modifications
  • Integrate with ERPs
  • Migrate from MS Access
  • MS Office integration
  • Training / mentoring
  • Mobile-enable Notes apps

Domino Versatility

Expert Services
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Mobile-ready web apps
  • Field-level security
  • Integrated full text index
  • Off-line capability
  • Mailing list automation
  • Email attachment processing
  • Approval workflow
  • Electronic forms
  • Request management
  • A web front-end for legacy systems

Recent Enhancements

Expert Services
  • Notes apps in web browser w/o modification (and in iOS, and Android)
  • Document Collection sorting, fomatting
  • Bootstrap 4 in XPages
  • More ability to size for smaller screens
  • Workflow app builder for users (Volt)
  • Read device GPS within LotusScript
  • Read JSON directly from LotusScript
  • Node.js and DQL for full stack developers to control Domino and its data
  • TOTP, OAUTH, A/D password sync
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