Why MAPSYS, Inc.?

Customer Focused – Working with you to understand your needs to make sure our services meet your needs and expectations.  Much of our growth has come from referrals from happy clients.

Flexiblity – Performing service engagements from a few hours to 10,000 hours.  From projects on a fixed bid or time and material basis to providing people to augment your staff.

Wide range of skills – Our clients sometimes do not have large staff.  It is hard to be an expert in the many technologies required to support your business. In many cases MAPSYS can fill gaps in expertise areas whose volume of work do not justify adding staff or spending the time to get up to speed.

Montgomery County Success Story

Montgomery County, Ohio Auditor launches real estate mobile application.
Buying software solutions can be intimidating. There are many options including purchasing an existing solution or having one built.  MAPSYS can help you to determine the best path and can work with you from start to finish.
MAPSYS has been successfully providing application development services to our clients for over 30 years.  We cover most web, client, and mobile application technologies with an emphasis in the Microsoft stack for web and client and utilizing cross platform tools such as Ionic, PhoneGap, and Xamarin for Mobile development.  Our legacy is the IBM iSeries and we are expert in delivering RPG and Cobol Services as well.

What we offer

Mobile Services

MAPSYS can help improve your customer satisfaction by helping them get quick access to the information they are seeking on the screen size they prefer.

Custom Web Applications

Save time and money by getting a custom-tailored application that meets your needs,  Whether your legacy application needs an overhaul or you are looking for us to build something from scratch.

Reporting and Analytics

MAPSYS has the expertise and broad experience to help any business get the answers and insight they need from their enterprise data.

Data Integration

Let MAPSYS assist you in your system migration or system integrations project.

iSeries Legacy

MAPSYS has 30 years experience developing iSeries applications in RPG and COBOL.


MAPSYS can provide technical professionals to ease your workload. Our skills spans multiple development technologies.